These terms govern use of the Internet forum at To use the Forum, you must agree to these terms with Pixelspace, the company that runs the forum.

The company may offer other products and services, under different terms. These terms apply only to use of the forum.

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Important Terms

These terms include a number of important provisions that affect your rights and responsibilities, such as the disclaimers in Disclaimers, limits on the company’s liability to you in Limits on Liability, your agreement to cover the company for damages caused by your misuse of the forum in Responsibility for Your Use, and an agreement to arbitrate disputes in Disputes.

Your Permission to Use the Forum

Subject to these terms, the company gives you permission to use the forum. Everyone needs to agree to these terms to use the forum.

Conditions for Use of the Forum

Your permission to use the forum is subject to the following conditions:

  1. You must be at least thirteen years old.

  2. You may no longer use the forum if the company contacts you directly to say that you may not.

  3. You may not disable, avoid, or circumvent any security or access restrictions of the forum.

  4. You may not falsely imply that you’re affiliated with or endorsed by the company.

  5. You may not hyperlink to images or other non-hypertext content on the forum on other webpages.

  6. You may not link content from a higher trust level area or opt in category to a lower trust level area or area outside of that opt in category.

  7. You agree to only join categories labeled as “Adult Section” if you are of the legal age of majority in your region.

  8. You must use the forum in accordance with Acceptable Use

Acceptable Use

  • Terms Herein for this section:
    Forum: The message board of this domain.
    Staff: The administrators and moderators of this Forum.
    User: The non-Staff persons using this Forum.
    Member: Both the Staff and Users of this Forum.

  • (F) Forbidden Content:

    1. Member Jeopardization and Liability Infliction: Member Jeopardization and Liability Infliction defines content that directly legally or otherwise externally jeopardizes any Member of this Forum. Member Jeopardization and Liability Infliction includes, but is not necessarily limited to:
      A. Blackmail
      B. Defamation
      C. Gambling
      D. Personal details of another Member that might not be considered DOXing, but that are outside of public knowledge, or was provided from one Member to another in private confidence.
      E. Sourcing: Sourcing is defined as providing direct links or names to places or persons from which to acquire or solicit illegal goods or services.

      • Drug Violations
      • Firearm Violations
      • Sex trafficking, FOSTA Violations
    2. Threats: Threats are defined as direct and intended statements of the real intention to cause harm or jeopardization of any Member or non-member person.

    3. Harassment: Harassment is defined as the repeated display of the intention to antagonize a Member or group of Members, especially when those targeted Members have stated their preference for the antagonist to refrain from such behavior toward them; but does not include irritation resulting from Members engaging in mutual academic or ideological polarity, or usage in public of various symbols or words alone.

    4. Ignore Evasion: Ignore Evasion is defined as deliberately using methods intended to circumvent one User’s ability to prevent contact or posts from another User to be seen.

    5. Impersonation: Impersonation is defined as pretending to be any other Member or non-member outside person.

    6. Incitement: Incitement is defined as actions that are of such to instigate violence, harm, or damage upon any individual or group or the encouragement of such incitement.

    7. Non-Consent Exploitation: Non-Consent Exploitation, here forth referred to as NCE(s) defines materials containing of content created and distributed of an individual’s personage who did not consent to the creation and distribution. NCEs include, but are not necessarily limited to:
      A. DOXing
      B. Child Pornography or Abuse
      C. Revenge Pornography

    8. Paysite Files: Paysite Files are defined as uploading files from paid portals or files intended to circumvent DRM. Examples of Paysites include:
      A. Netflix or similar video distributors
      B. Software distributors
      C. Game distributors
      D. Art Galleries

      • Patreon or similar
    9. Malware: Malware is defined as uploading or linking to software that compromises digital or computer security.

    10. “Spam” Posts:
      A. Spam: Spam is defined as posts, automated or otherwise, that purely intend to direct Members to some site or service not implicitly or explicitly of the interest of the users of the forum.
      B. Scams: Scams are defined as posts or actions intended to swindle or otherwise deprive Members of information or value. Examples of Scams include:

      • Phishing
      • Fraudulent Services
      • Data Mining

      C. Flooding: Flooding is defined as posts purely intended to fill space, disrupt the flow of conversation, harm the performance of the Forum’s server, or push other posts down in the listing. Examples of Flooding includes:

      • Macro or Bot posts
      • ”Lorum ipsum”
      • Blank space
  • (L) Labeling Required Content:

    • Labeling Required Content is defined as content what while not forbidden, is required to be at default hidden and labeled in clear text as to the nature of the content, and requires a time of viewing opt-in by the User.
    1. Pornographic Materials

    2. Obscene Materials
      A. Gore and or Death: Gore and or death is defined as dismemberment, catastrophic destruction of tissue, and or excessive blood of animals and humans that may also result in death.
      B. Fetishistic Materials of a overtly sexual nature

    3. Medically Harmful Materials
      A. Flashing or Strobing Images
      B. Perception Damaging Images

    4. Inflammatory Engagement: Inflammatory Engagement is defined as content that is of a nature to specifically cause agitation and does not show a genuine interest in the purposes of discussion or banter.

    5. Spoilers: Spoilers are defined as materials containing of information commonly wanted to remain unknown by the Members by precedence, not preference.
      A. Media plots


The company may investigate and prosecute violations of these terms to the fullest legal extent. The company may notify and cooperate with law enforcement authorities in prosecuting violations of the law and these terms.

The company reserves the right to change, redact, and delete content on the forum for any reason. If you believe someone has submitted content to the forum in violation of these terms, contact us immediately.

Your Account

You must create and log into an account to use some features of the forum.

To create an account, you must provide some information about yourself. If you create an account, you agree to provide, at a minimum, a valid e-mail address, and to keep that address up-to-date. You may close your account at any time by e-mailing

You agree to be responsible for all action taken using your account, whether authorized by you or not, until you either close your account or notify the company that your account has been compromised. You agree to notify the company immediately if you suspect your account has been compromised. You agree to select a secure password for your account, and keep it secret.

The company may restrict, suspend, or close your account on the forum according to its policy for handling copyright-related takedown requests, or if the company reasonably believes that you’ve broken any rule in these terms.

Your Content

Nothing in these terms gives the company any ownership rights in intellectual property that you share with the forum, such as your account information, posts, or other content you submit to the forum. Nothing in these terms gives you any ownership rights in the company’s intellectual property, either.

Between you and the company, you remain solely responsible for content you submit to the forum. You agree not to wrongly imply that content you submit to the forum is sponsored or approved by the company. These terms do not obligate the company to store, maintain, or provide copies of content you submit, and to change it, according to these terms.

Content you submit to the forum belongs to you, and you decide what permission to give others for it. But at a minimum, you license the company to provide content that you submit to the forum to other users of the forum. That special license allows the company to copy, publish, and analyze content you submit to the forum.

When content you submit is removed from the forum, whether by you or by the company, the company’s special license ends when the last copy disappears from the company’s backups, caches, and other systems. Other licenses you apply to content you submit, such as Creative Commons licenses, may continue after your content is removed. Those licenses may give others, or the company itself, the right to share your content through the forum again.

Others who receive content you submit to the forum may violate the terms on which you license your content. You agree that the company will not be liable to you for those violations or their consequences.

Your Responsibility

You agree to indemnify the company from legal claims by others related to your breach of these terms, or breach of these terms by others using your account on the forum. Both you and the company agree to notify the other side of any legal claims for which you might have to indemnify the company as soon as possible. If the company fails to notify you of a legal claim promptly, you won’t have to indemnify the company for damages that you could have defended against or mitigated with prompt notice. You agree to allow the company to control investigation, defense, and settlement of legal claims for which you would have to indemnify the company, and to cooperate with those efforts. The company agrees not to agree to any settlement that admits fault for you or imposes obligations on you without your prior agreement.


You accept all risk of using the forum and content on the forum. As far as the law allows, the company and its suppliers provide the forum as is, without any warranty whatsoever.

The forum may hyperlink to and integrate forums and services run by others. The company does not make any warranty about services run by others, or content they may provide. Use of services run by others may be governed by other terms between you and the one running service.

Limits on Liability

Neither the company nor its suppliers will be liable to you for breach-of-contract damages their personnel could not have reasonably foreseen when you agreed to these terms.

As far as the law allows, the total liability to you for claims of any kind that are related to the forum or content on the forum will be limited to $50.


The company welcomes your feedback and suggestions for the forum. See the Contact section below for ways to get in touch with us.

You agree that the company will be free to act on feedback and suggestions you provide, and that the company won’t have to notify you that your feedback was used, get your permission to use it, or pay you. You agree not to submit feedback or suggestions that you believe might be confidential or proprietary, to you or others.


Either you or the company may end the agreement written out in these terms at any time. When our agreement ends, your permission to use the forum also ends.

The following provisions survive the end of our agreement: Your Content, Feedback, Your Responsibility, Disclaimers, Limits on Liability, and General Terms.


United States law will govern any dispute related to these terms or your use of the forum.

You and the company agree to seek injunctions related to these terms only in state or federal court in the United States. Neither you nor the company will object to jurisdiction, forum, or venue in those courts.

Other than to seek an injunction or for claims under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, you and the company will resolve any dispute by binding American Arbitration Association arbitration. Arbitration will follow the AAA’s Commercial Arbitration Rules and Supplementary Procedures for Consumer Related Disputes. Arbitration will happen in the United States. You will settle any dispute as an individual, and not as part of a class action or other representative proceeding, whether as the plaintiff or a class member. No arbitrator will consolidate any dispute with any other arbitration without the company’s permission.

Any arbitration award will include costs of the arbitration, reasonable attorneys’ fees, and reasonable costs for witnesses. You and the company may enter arbitration awards in any court with jurisdiction.

General Terms

If a provision of these terms is unenforceable as written, but could be changed to make it enforceable, that provision should be modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it enforceable. Otherwise, that provision should be removed.

You may not assign your agreement with the company. The company may assign your agreement to any affiliate of the company, any other company that obtains control of the company, or any other company that buys assets of the company related to the forum. Any attempted assignment against these terms has no legal effect.

Neither the exercise of any right under this Agreement, nor waiver of any breach of this Agreement, waives any other breach of this Agreement.

These terms embody all the terms of agreement between you and the company about use of the forum. These terms entirely replace any other agreements about your use of the forum, written or not.


You may notify the company under these terms, and send questions to the company, at

The company may notify you under these terms using the e-mail address you provide for your account on the forum, or by posting a message to the homepage of the forum or your account page.


The company last updated these terms on July 1, 2020, and may update these terms again. The company will post all updates to the forum. For updates that contain substantial changes, the company agrees to e-mail you, if you’ve created an account and provided a valid e-mail address. The company may also announce updates with special messages or alerts on the forum.

Once you get notice of an update to these terms, you must agree to the new terms in order to keep using the forum.